The Lake County CaregiverNet advocates for family caregivers and they people they care for. In keeping with that mission, this page is dedicated to providing information regarding social, political, and economic issues that affect family caregivers, their family members, and friends.

RAISE Family Caregiver Act

The RAISE (Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, Engage) Family Caregiver Act, enacted in 2018, directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to develop a national family caregiving strategy (ACL, 2022).  Goals include

  • Expand outreach and education for family caregivers and public awareness of the needs and challenges they face.
  • Engage caregivers as partners in providing health care and long-term services and supports for their loved ones.
  • Improve access to services and supports such as respite care, counseling and transportation assistance.
  • Ensure financial and workplace security for family caregivers.
  • Generate research, data and evidence-based practices to develop policies and programs that meaningfully help caregivers (AARP, 2021)

Advisory Councils are developing the National Family Caregiving Strategy.  Learn more about the development and completion of a national family caregiver strategy: Findings, Considerations, Current Status, and Next Steps. (From the RAISE Act Family Caregiver Center, February, 2022)

C Damon, May 10, 2022

Disrupting Long Term Care in Illinois

It’s time to change the nursing home environment in Illinois.

Two current Illinois Bills propose amendments to the Nurse Agency Licensing Act, House Bill 4678 (sponsored by Anna Moeller, et al) and Senate Bill 2995 (sponsored by Ann Gillepsie, et al).  Both bills promote

  • Appropriate staffing
  • Patient-centered funding
  • Quality-of-life improvements for residents
  • Reductions in racial inequities and health disparities

Contact your state representative or senator to voice your opinion on these important bills.  Don’t know who represents you?  Click here to find your elected officials.

CDamon, 3/1/2022

Equip for Equality

Equip for Equality is an organization that’s been advocating for the advancement of the human and civil rights of people with disabilities in Illinois for 35 years.

Their services include:

  • Self-Advocacy Assistance
  • Legal Services
  • Public Policy
  • Monitoring
  • Training for Families Living with Disabilities

Visit their website Equip for Equality to learn more, access resources, and see how you can get involved.