Caring and Aging Well

AARP. Major resource for adults age 50+.
Administration for Community Living. Major information source for older adults, adults with disabilities, ​consumer choice, consumer rights, and a multitude of related topics.
Caregiver Bill of Rights. This “Bill of Rights” by Jo Horne reminds all of us that while we care for others, we are still entitled to to the respect of others, to our feelings, and to our personhood.
Caregiver Self-Assessment Questionnaire. Developed and tested by the American Health Association, this questionnaire can help you monitor your behavior and health risks. It can help your identify potential issues and manage your health care. Available in English and 5 other languages.
Caregiving in the LGBT Community. Conversation with Christopher MacLellan (The Bow Tie Guy) about the hurdles he encountered when caregiving for his late care partner; podcast also includes a discussion of how discrimination makes the LGBT caregiving journey more difficult.
Family Caregivers Share Wealth & Wisdom. There’s something really special about family caregivers who take time to help other family caregivers. Here are a few examples of caregivers who are doing just that:

NEW!!! How to Recognize Your Strengths as a Caregiver. Article from Colorado-based Home Care Assistance provides strategies to help family caregivers recognize and build their strenghts. Follow these simple tips, and you may learn just how valuable you are!
Next Avenue. Public-media (PBS) first and only national service for America’s 50+ population.
National Caregiver Summit: May 25, 2021. Access Summit recordings related to family caregiver equity, policies, and innovations; sponsored by Health Leads, Lucille Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, and Stanford Medicine Clinical Excellence Research Center.
The New Old Age. From 2008-2015, this New York Times blog explored aging and caregiving  from a variety of perspectives. Though no longer updated, the archive remains along with links to related New York Times articles.
Practicing Self-Care is Important: 10 Easy Habits to Get You Started. Forbes article focuses on the importance of knowing you own worth, healthier work (or caregiving) – life balance, stress management, and living (not existing).
Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers. Established in 1987, the Rosalynn Carter Institute has grown into a national organization that supports family caregivers through programming, partnerships, and advocacy. Learn more about the institute and sign up for their newsletter.
NEW!!! 10 Things to Add to Your Caregiver Tool Kit. Healthline article identifies and discusses 10 out-of-the-ordinary tools that can be very helpful to family caregivers: Documentation, Medication Management, Planning Calendar, Home Accommodations, Me Time, Mutual Respect, Objectivity, Limitations, Borders and Boundaries, and a Support System. (07/31/22)
The Science of Cells That Never Get Old. Learn from Nobel Prize winner Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn how negative stress can affect our cells, our health, and our longevity… and how we can diminish and even heal its undesired effects. During this Ted Talk, Dr. Blackburn focuses specifically on family caregivers (start 9 minutes into the presentation and hang in there for another 7 minutes). Fascinated? Check out the book she co-authored with Dr. Elissa Epel, The Telomere Effect, available at local libraries and at bookstores.
NEW!!! The Surprising Benefits of Being a Family Caregiver. Caregiving can be challenging. This article from the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement outlines and discusses the rewards of family caregiving including an increased sense of purpose and connection with humanity… and much more.
Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish. Tara Parker-Pope (New York Times) suggests that interdependence requires us to care for ourselves if we are to care for others; article includes five self-care exercises to help nudge you in that direction.
NEW!!! World Carers Conversation 2022. The World Carers Conversation is a global event at which innovators, researchers, policy makers, and caregiver advocates learn more about the needs of family caregivers. Page includes insights as well as links to recordings and slides from this year’s event. (7/11/22)