Environmental Wellness

A key part of staying happy and healthy is living in an environment that promotes personal joy and well-being. Check out the resources below to help you create an environment that meet your needs.

AARP Home Fit.  Website provides design and safety strategies in guidebook, brochure, and video formats.  All tools are designed to   help us adapt to changes in vision, hearing, strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility.  
Aging-in-Place Technology Watch. Objective research, analysis, and trends related to aging-in-place and technology. (Laurie M. Orlov, website founder, is a tech industry veteran, writer, speaker, and elder care advocate.) 
The Benefits of Seniors and Caregivers Gardening Together. Thoughts on the benefits of “playing in the dirt” together from the Institute on Aging.
Dementia-Friendly America.  Learn about the national effort to create dementia-friendly communities designed to support people with dementia and the family members and friends who care for them.
HomeMods. Links to multiple home modification resources including courses, resources, and provider directory.
Livable Communities. Learn more about the movement to make communities more livable,  e.g., accessible, safe, etc. for all ages.
NEW!!! What Is Forest Bathing? Forest Bathing (being in the forest) is a simple practice, but it can do so much to improve your health and well-being. Page from the Brain Energy Support Team offers Practice Tips and Resources.