Financial Wellness

Managing our finances can be challenging. The resources below can help us develop smart strategies for protecting and managing our financial resources.

Financial Protection for Older Americans. Smart tips for handling your money from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FDIC. Includes downloadable Resource Guide.
Financial Fitness for the Rest of Your Life. Financial guide from the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education covers Social Security, Health and Long-Term Care Insurance, Later-Life Investment Decisions, Retirement “Paychecks,” and Wills and Estate Planning.
Money Management. Website helps older adults with money managment.  Includes guidance related to savings, economic security strategies, financial education, extra income ideas, and the use of prepaid cards. (National Council on Aging)
What Every Caregiver Needs to Know about Money. Article from the Family Caregiver Alliance discusses the dual aspects of working and caregiving, financial considerations of caregiving, the tie between money and emotions, the effects of dementia on money-making decisions… and more.