Other Resources for Caring for Others

The following resources provide additional information on home safety, home adaptations, financial protection, and talking to parents about finances.

Financial Protection for Older Americans.  Smart tips for financial caregivers from the  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FDIC.  Includes downloadable Managing Someone Else’s Money guides.
4 Financial Issues that You Need to Discuss with Aging Parents.  Learn more about obstacles that may prevent parents from including adult children in financial decisions (Forbes Magazine).
Home Safety for People with Disabilities.   Site includes detailed suggestions and supporting photos for bathrooms, kitchens, and stairs/ramps (Amputee Coalition of America).
NEW! Legal Documents Every Family Caregiver Needs. Though focused on the care of older adults, the same documents are essential to every caregiver of all adults (age 18+) if the need to provide care arises (Vanderbilt University Medical Center). For a more detailed discussion, see Advance Care Planning (National Institute of Health).
Stop Falls. Falls are the NUMBER ONE home safety issue for all ages. Visit the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence website to learn about the three basic strategies to prevent falls: Balance Training and Physical Activity, Medical Management, and Environmental/Home Modifications.
Talking with Aging Parents about Finances.  Fact sheet provides strategies to help overcome barriers that often make conversations with aging family members about money difficult (University of Montana Extension).
Therapeutic Home Adaptations for Older Adults with Disabilities.  Written for the family physician, article discusses significant factors, priorities, and strategies for a variety of situations including vision, hearing, mobility, and dementia challenges (American Academy of Family Physicians).
NEW!!! Virtual Program Library. If you’re looking for activities designed to meet the interests of children and adults with special needs, check out The Arc‘s Virtual Program Library. A 501(c)(3), The Arc focuses on activities which promote Respect, Dignity, and Inclusion. You’ll find dance, music, theater, and game activities… and much, much more.