Lake County CaregiverNet Social Media Policy

The Lake County CaregiverNet (LCCN) uses its website and social media platforms to support its mission of improving the lives of Caregivers (Family, Friends, Neighbors) in the community by linking them with resources, support, and each other.

The LCCN uses social media to

  • Highlight its activities,
  • Distribute information from and to member organizations about upcoming events, and
  • Share resources and news relevant to Lake County family caregivers and the organizations/professionals who support them.

All social media posts are generated by LCCN staff.  News sources are screened by LCCN staff. Members who would like information about their organization posted on LCCN social media sites should forward the requested content in final draft form to LCCN staff. LCCN staff is not responsible for writing or creating content for member organizations.