Spiritual Wellness

Our Spirituality guides our morals, values, and systems of beliefs and is crucial for mental health. A deep sense of spirituality can also make us more optimistic and provide us with the opportunity to be part of a larger group or purpose.

Center for Spirituality and Aging Blog. Access inspirational blog posts and eNewsletters (California Lutheran Homes).
Fairbanks Wellness Coalition. Focusing on spiritual wellness for school-age children, page discusses 8 dimensions of wellness and the connection between spiritual wellness and overall health. Also contains graphics and photos that help users connect to each other and the environment around them.
Faith, Spirituality & Aging. PBS Frontline article discusses the ways our perceptions of spirituality and aging may change over the life course.
Religion and Spirituality in Older People. Discusses the benefits of religious and spiritual beliefs and ways in which understanding beliefs can help medical professionals provide better care (Merck Manual).
Six Spiritual Tasks of Aging. Non-denominational thoughts on aging and spirituality from U. S. Catholic magazine.
Spiritual wellness is important at every age. Check out these Spiritual Wellness pages from the Student Health websites at
– the University of New Hampshire
Illinois State University
6 Ways Spirituality Can Help Make You Healthier. Everyday Health article discusses the ways in which spirituality, including prayer and religion, can help caregivers maintain and improve their mental, physical, and cognitive health.
State of Massachusetts. Spiritual wellness page includes survivor stories, impact, personal strategies, and expert resources.